Wednesday, 31 July 2013

THE wedding of the year.

Weddings are always happy days; the bride looking gorgeous, the smile on the grooms face when he sees her, and the food. Who doesn't love all the food?!
Well I went to an unconventional wedding this weekend which suited the couple down to a T.
Let me set the scene; I've been friends with the bride since I was probably 13 and she really is one of the loudest, most talented, most enthusiastic person I've ever met. She's one of those people that everyone loves! She'd been going out with the groom for 6 years and they're the perfect couple. Things hadn't always been easy, but they got it right on Saturday.
Seeing as they're an unconventional couple, it was bound to be an unconventional wedding.
The bride, her dad and all 6 bridesmaids rode bikes (yep.) an hour from her house to the church in their dresses and rode down the isle. The bride and her dad on a tandem, obviously haha. I've never seen a more unsual, more spectacular entrance in my life and it will go down in history.

The ceremony was perfect, it was so them and the bride's dad married them, the bride's twin brothers were in the wedding band and it was really two families becoming one.
The bride's party rode the bikes to the photos and the very happy couple took centre stage.. it was sunny and warm (despite the thunderstorm forecast) and it was perfect.
The wedding breakfast was yummy and I was surrounded by my best friends on my table; lots of laughs and lots of wine.

The speeches were again, unconventional, the mother of the bride did a speech, the father of the bride had videos of the bride as a child with hilarious commentary.
The maid of honour did a really cute speech about being friends since they were born, literally, and had the most thoughtful idea of giving every guest a postcard with a date on; and everyones going to wrtie something they loved about the wedding and their relationship and send it for the date on it. The dates were between now and their one year anniversary; so they'll get at least 2/3 postcards every week telling them how lovely they are! Most thoughtful thing ever.
The cutest is yet to come.. I mentioned the bride was very talented; well she adapted a song with her own words dedicated to her husband, so emotional for everyone watching and the couple were in tears! 

One thing I've learnt from the many weddings I've been too over the years is that nothing can beat a live band! We had a live band with a sax and trombone (8 all in all) and they were so fab! We danced for hours and had such a party. I think one thing with weddings is that sometimes they can be reserved in the evening but this one again suited the couple perfectly and we had a no holds barred party. 

My dress was somewhat of a nightmare!
I hadn't bought any wedding suitable dresses home from university and I could not find anything that I liked in any shop! I panic ordered a dress from and hoped it would come in time! Thursday comes around and still no dress! So we again, went on a panic shopping spree...and thankfully found the perfect dress! It's absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait it wear it again! Friday comes around and my other dress was delivered, let me tell you it was a very good job I had bought another because the one I ordered was so awful! completely different colour to the website and made me look about 5..

(ignore the fact I'm standing like a little girl haha)
Dress: Warehouse £95 down to £25 oh yeahhhhhh
Shoes: New Look


Eyeliner: Rimmel Scandeleyes ultra fine
Mascara: No 7 Esquisite Curl 

Lipstick: Revlon ColourStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick Couture
Eyeshadow: MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

It was one of THE most spectacular and enjoyable weddings I've been to. I'm so happy for my friends and wish them all the happiness in the world.

Have you been to any exciting weddings recently? 

LizabethLoves x

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  1. wow I love a wedding,
    you look so beautiful and how unique is that bouquet :)

    x x x x

  2. Looks like such a fun wedding! Love your dress and that bouquet is fab! :) x xx

  3. Aww that sounds like such a lovely family orientated wedding. You look beautiful, your dress really suits you and I like your make up. XxxX