Thursday, 18 July 2013

Cambridge in the sun!

Hello there!
Those of you who've joined me from Butterflyboo and new followers :)
I decided to start a new blog from scratch for a couple reasons, one, because I had to as some of the settings messed up on ButterflyBoo so I couldn't change it as I wanted.
Second was I really wanted a fresh start and a new purpose for my blogging. When I started Butterflyboo I was pretty young and wanted a hobby- little did I know what a love of blogging it would provoke in me! But life took over and unfortunately I had to stop posting.
But LizabethLoves is very different; I'm starting it because of my love of blogging and I missed it too much!
So I thought I'd start it out pretty simple with showing you what I got up to this weekend, in the great hot weather we had in England! 
I went to visit my boyfriend who lives in Cambridge on Thursday for a couple of days- and it was bliss. You know when you enter into someone else's house and it's just completely relaxed and easy going...and you just melt into a life like that! 

Blouse: primark
Vest underneath: select
Sandals: barratts (you're gonna see these a lot..)
Bag: Debenhams 
I love this bag, it was free with some perfume once and is definitely my go to bag. It's big enough to pack for a couple days but not too big that its a pain to lug around on trains etc.
Anyways, Thursday evening we stocked up on haribo and Oreo chocolate (how good is it?!?!)  and decided to get me to broaden my horizons and watch a horror film, we settled on Saw. I psyched myself up, was prepared to handle it. I'm fine with blood and things but clowns/supernatural things... no way. So I was absolutely fine until the creepy doll came in on his bike; at that point I hid under the covers and demanded it be turned off. 
One day I'll face it.
(We watched Gavin and Stacey on Netflix instead-far less scary)

Friday we were tourists!
I've only ever been to Cambridge train station and walked around the shops in the rain, which isn't quite the same, so we took advantage of the weather and the boyfriend showed me all around the colleges and different buildings. It was so pretty and gloriously sunny, couldn't have asked for anything better. 

Dress: New Generation section in New Look
Sandles: Barratts
Necklace: African market on holiday
Sunglasses: African market haha
Bag: H&M
We went punting which was sooo relaxing and lovely, I could have stayed on it all day! Our guide was probably only 16 and desperately trying to monuver around all the other punts and give out our guided tour; he definitely knew his stuff and did such a good job...especially his several attempts to make conversation with the polish people on our punt with them completely ignoring him! 

We went out for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon in the park sunbathing and eating ice cream. Wonderful. We want to the pub in the evening with his friends and I proved that I can beat them at pool. *girl power*

Top: Select
Skirt: H&M 
Sandals: barratts 
Saturday was a day of 30 degree heat haha.
My boyfriend is one of these people who is good at pretty much every sport he turns his hand too. Wins awards in everything; football, cricket, tennis, golf. EVERYTHING.
Unfortunately he landed himself a very un-coordinated girlfriend who wasn't particularly blessed in the sporting department. However I wanted to prove I was very capable. We went to the driving range...he stood clear. 
Surprisingly (no one was more surprised than me) I wasn't completely bad at it..I managed to hit the ball, pretty far, without injuring anyone! Who knew THAT would happen? Not me. 
We also went to visit a friend with a super cute bubba, she screamed whilst in my arms...but that's beside the point. 
Everyone loves the swings don't they?! We sat on the swings for an hour trying to hit each other and spinning round, I will forever be a child. 
Some of my greatest childhood memories and indeed the ones at uni are playing outside. So Saturday afternoon, we played cricket and catch with 2 dogs chasing our every move. I miss a simple life like that! For boyfriend being the oldest of 4 boys, their mother is an angel I'm sure, he always has someone to play with, but my brother's all grown up and funnily enough doesn't want to play with me. (I'm grown up too I swear haha).
Saturday evening I got the train home, and slept in my own bed. A little sunburnt, a little bit proud of my sporting achievement and with so many lovely memories to fill my dreams. 

Hope you enjoyed coming along with me, what have you done in the sunshine?

Till next time.
LizabethLoves x


  1. glad to see you back hun have missed you!
    loving the outfits!

  2. Wow you had an active Saturday! Loving the new blog by the way, I may be a bit blind but where is the follow button? Oh and I need all the gossip on this boyfriend of yours! Looking forward to you blogging again soon. Lots of love XxxX